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Ditching Shampoo: My Healthiest Hair Ever

This post isn’t actually about making shampoo. That sounds like a lotta work. No, it’s about a much lazier way I’ve been cleaning my hair lately. Four weeks actually. And guess what? It’s been interesting.

The method: Baking soda followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse aka the no ‘poo method. As in no shampoo.

I shake a bit of baking soda onto a little Tupperware I keep in the shower and mix it with a few ounces. It’s weird and slippery in the hair, no lather, a real change up from the average tested-on-animals cancer-in-a-bottle shampoos I’ve always used.

man. beard.
Years of toxic commercial shampoo helps make my hair a bristol pad

A few days after going no ‘poo and the hair is slightly less of a bristol pad

I never really cared about my hair before. I washed it daily or 2x daily and figured it was meant to feel like a pile of straw, but going with a natural washing process and cutting down to maybe three washes a week has brought all kinds of good changes to my mane (see below).

I don’t know if these pictures explain anything but the biggest change so far has been in my hair texture. It was extra stiff the first few days cutting out shampoo, then it’s been extra soft and curly. My hair has never been curly, but then again it’s never been long either so who knows? But I am liking it so far. The best way I can describe the new texture is natural. It feels a lot lighter too. But most importantly, my scalp is no longer absorbing a bunch of nasty and totally unnecessary chemicals.

Right on.

Have you tried any alternative shampoo methods? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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