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Healing on every level is not easy or breezy.

Balancing mental, physical, and emotional health can be damn tricky in a world full of toxicity: food, beauty standards, relationships with others and especially ourselves…The solution is a combo of self-care and health education.


Self-care is more than a pretty buzzword, it is about healing stuff: the body, the emotions, thinking patterns, and how we treat ourselves. And it requires us to restore our relationship with health and fitness.

Because fitness IS NOT about torture, quick-fixes, or yo-yo diet failures. Nope. It is the highest form of self-love.

If you have been listening to your inner-voice lately, craving healthy relationships, wanting to nix destructive habits, and see how good you can feel then we think you’ll like Self-Care Strong. It is a headfirst tumble down the rabbit hole of health, wellness, and wholeness.

Ready or not, it’s time to evolve.


With mucho love,

Matt and Nick Blasquez – Self-Care Health Coaching

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