Get Healthy!

Restore energy levels, balance hormones, clear toxins, rehab your crunchy body, and feel 19 years younger*

Everything we currently do is 100% custom to your wants, needs, and schedule. Our business model is more transparent than Miley’s Golden Globe outfits (if you aren’t working out to her tunes you’re missing out!).

During your free consultation we sit down for coffee talk, using your unique feelings, desires, and fitness history as a roadmap. All the while, our vitality coaches are performing a holistic health ocular patdown to determine your wellness needs and gather health data to build your free health report.

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“Drink smarter not harder, your butt and feet need more attention, that dairy is causing your acne, and here’s a few tips to skyrocket your sex-drive. OK YOU’RE CLEAR!!”

From here, you and your coach work backwards to construct a straightforward action plan to get your health back as quickly and easily as possible in a way that 100% fits your budget and time constrains.

Read on to see what we can achieve together….

Nutrition Counseling

We don’t tell you what to eat. We teach you how to eat

This service is the opposite of a crappy cookie-cutter meal plan you’ll follow for 0-1.5 days. It’s a cleansing and resetting of your most important habit: Eating. Every bite either makes you healthier, or feeds disease and makes you feel like a greasy P.O.S.

Food is transformative. You know the saying you are what you eat? Well my pretties, it’s true. The good thing tho, is learning to eat for energy and feel-good chemical production is simple, does not have to be expensive, and will make you look and feel like a superhero.

Exercise Counseling

It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable  –  Socrates

Exercise is some of the most powerful medicine in existence.

We assess your health goals and pain levels, then design a one-to-one custom plan based on your needs and overreaching health desires.

The gym is an option but not a requirement. Our most important task is to find movement you enjoy to heal and reconnect with your body. From here you will receive a movement plan that adapts as you do, Skype 1-1 fitness instruction, and a restorative stretching/yoga/foam rolling plan that renews your body by releasing loads of tension. In fact, many clients feel our rehabilitation methods are the most important take-away skill they gain.

Consultations and trainings are done through Skype or via Facetime. All workout programs are 100% custom and adapt as you do, making progress a sure thing.

And if you happen to live near one of our trainers, we do in-home work by helping you set up an ultra-cheap home workout system.

Results guaranteed.

Email to schedule a free consultation.