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3 Little-Known Types of Health – Pt. 1

Exploring the definition of health is something I enjoy. It’s one of those trigger words like exercise, fitness, body fat, and Donald Trump. People go nuts when they hear such a trigger word because they have attached all sort of meaning to it … for…

Finding Peace in Times of Stress is Everything

Have you heard that stress is deadly? Jeeze that’s stressful to think about.

Getting Healthy Is A Tumble Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice looking down the rabbit hole

Health is a Rabbit Hole. How So? 1. Everything we are told about health, wellness, and fitness is utterly backward. Like Carroll’s Wonderland, where nonsense makes sense and outrageous claims are status quo. Nobody likes fake news . Well, the health and wellness industry…

Exercise is Medicine for the Soul

Spirit: The part of us that acts as a compass, offering guidance when life gets extra crazy A quiet place inside of us where we can go to make everything calm and alright A certain something that when nourished virtually rids the world of…