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Finding Peace in Times of Stress is Everything

Have you heard that stress is deadly? Jeeze that’s stressful to think about.

Exercise Ain’t Torture. It’s Self-Love

Bulldog lying on a blue deck

When it feels like your only salvation is Netflix and instant pizza it is easy to pass on a workout. Then another. Once more and your body forgets what fitness even feels like. Life happens and exercise cannot always be a priority. But if…

Getting Healthy Is A Tumble Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice looking down the rabbit hole

Health is a Rabbit Hole. How So? 1. Everything we are told about health, wellness, and fitness is utterly backward. Like Carroll’s Wonderland, where nonsense makes sense and outrageous claims are status quo. Nobody likes fake news . Well, the health and wellness industry…

Own a Home? You got the Skills to Become Your Healthiest Self

Playground Home Gym Fitness

Think back when you qualified for a home loan. That hard work and dedication finally paying off. Felt good, right? Scoring hundreds of thousands of dollars was no accident and probably was no off-the-hip decision. It was a process. You meet with a loan…

Outta My Face With That Cupcake

baby playing with a messy chocolate cupcake

Friends, family, and lovers sure can be hell on our diets. Why? I don’t know, so I a wrote this post to shake out some answers. I started by asking a bunch of friends and family about their thoughts on sabotage by loved ones….

Hate Exercise? This Might Be Why

Have you despised exercise forever? Are words like exercise, gym, running, push-ups, etc., etc., emotional triggers? Let’s explore why and hopefully fix it. We are great at remembering hurtful things Strong experiences make strong memories. Why? Because exciting or terrible times make us feel…

Want to Get Your Best Body? Patience is the Answer

Ever notice how body changes come in big erratic chunks? Sure, progress should be linear, like a steady paycheck or seconds ticking away on a clock, but unfortunately it ain’t. Progress, if anything, is consistently inconsistent.